Key Review Activities
The project outputs to date are available here for all to review.
The following are listed below:

  • Reports and working papers from the project
  • Final review presentations


Objective 1 – Identify opportunities to increase competitiveness and empower women in fresh and processed mango value chains.
1.2 Household Baseline study
1.3 Production Flowering Study
1.4 Consumer Study
1.4 Market Review
1.4 Market Assessment
1.5 Value Chain – Fresh
1.5 Value Chain – Processed
1.6 Quality Study
1.7 Hong Kong - Review of Published Studies
1.7 Hong Kong Study Interim
1.8 Market Monitoring Interim
1.8 Market Monitoring Final
1.8 Market Monitoring Final Appendix
Objective 2 – Evaluate options to overcome selected barriers to competitiveness in fresh and processed mango value chains.
2.1 Best Practice Management
2.1 Diseases of Mango
2.1 Fertiliser Management - Cat Chu
2.1 Fertiliser Management - Cat Hoa Loc
2.1 Hot Water Trial Vietnam
2.1 Hot Water Trial Australia
2.2 PBZ Alternative Study Interim
2.2 PBZ Alternative Study Final
2.3 Sapburn and Trolley Study Interim
2.3 Sapburn Study Final
2.3 Trolley Concept
2.3 Demonstration Chain Final
2.3 Demonstration Chain Final Appendix
2.3 Export Opportunities - Consumer Attitude Study
2.4 Mango Processing Study Interim
2.4 Processed Mango Study Final
2.4 Processed Mango Code of Practice
2.4 Processed Mango Recommended Procedure Guide
2.5 Analysis and Validation Interim
2.5 Analysis and Validation Study Final
2.5 Analysis and Validation Study Final Appendix
Objective 3 – Improve capacity, industry stakeholder linkages and knowledge sharing.